3 John

Chapter 1


1 To the elder gaius, who is beloved, whom i love in truth 2 My beloved, in regards to all the things you pray, i wish you prosperity and good health in the way that benefits your soul. 3 Rejoice greatly for the brethren came and testified about the Truth that is in you, in regards to how you are living in the Truth. 4 I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are living within the Truth 

5 My beloved, everything you do, do it faithfully unto those of the brotherhood, as well as, the foreigners1

1. Foreigners, defined as "Those who are foreign to God" 

6 Who testify about your benevolence and love in the presence of the church, those who skillfully assist us in a Godly manner. 7* Indeed for His name's sake they go out, not accepting the ways of the gentiles. 8 Therefore we should receive all people like these so that, they may become fellow workers in the church. 

9 Contrarily, i wrote about a man to the church, who primarily loves himself, diotrephes, who is unwilling to receive us. 10 Because of this when i come, i will remember his deeds and the evil lies he spreads regarding us, yet not satisfied by this, he neither receives any of the brotherhood and those who are willing he forbids and casts out of the church. 

11 My beloved, do not imitate that which is evil instead, imitate He who is good, he who brings forth good belongs to God, he who brings forth evil has not seen God. 12 Demetrius speaks well about all of you and about the truth itself and we also testify, now knowing that our testimony is true. 

13 I have many things to write to you but, i am unwilling to write them to you by ink and pen. 

14 Wherefore i hope to see you soon and speak face to face, amen. Peace unto all of you, those who are your friends salute you, those who are beloved according to His name,