Chapter 6

9 And said "Go and tell the people there: "you will hear and not understand nor gain insight also, you will see yet, not perceive" 10 For the hearts of those people have become calloused and they have become hard of hearing and their eyes have been blinded or else they could see with their eyes and hear with their hearts and be converted and I would heal them" 

Chapter 7

14 Behold, a virgin will be with child and give birth to a Son and they will call Him by the name immanuel and He will be eating grapes and honey 15 By the time He knows to reject the evil and choose the good  

Chapter 8

23 In the land of zebulun and the land of naphtali, the way through the sea, afterward, the people rested along the coast, settling across the river jordan, galilee of the gentiles in the region of judea 24 the people who walk in spiritual darkness will see a great light, those dwelling in the land of shadow and death, Light Himself, has dawned 

Chapter 40

3 A voice crying out in the wilderness prepare the way of the Lord by practicing the righteous ways of our God

Chapter 42

1 "Jacob My servant, the helper of Israel, My chosen one awaits within My spirit, I will place My spirit upon Him and He will proclaim divine judgement unto the nations 2 One whose voice will set captives free and He will not waver, the outsiders will not comprehend His voice 3 a bruised reed He will not crush and a smoldering wick He will not snuff out and others He will lead into the truth and His judgement will shine forth 4 And He will establish judgement upon the earth even after His crucifixion and in His name the nations will trust" 

Chapter 53

4 One who will be sacrificed for us, to take away our conditions of suffering yet we will judge Him into pain and into calamity and into evil