Chapter 1


1 Jude, free-slave1 of Jesus Christ and brother of james, to those within God the Fathers love, together with Jesus Christ, we guard the chosen.

1. A Christian bond slave, I.E. a slave to God of their own free will - see Deuteronomy 15 and Matthew 20:27  

2 Mercy be unto all of you, together with peace and love be multiplied. 

3 Dearly beloved, in all haste do i write this to you concerning our mutual salvation, well being and life, i felt it necessary to write to you, encouraging all of you to contend for the people once more with the faith entrusted to the saints. 4 For some men snuck in unnoticed, whom indeed we previously wrote about, those who will be condemned by our God, taken away into licentiousness together with those who deny not only the Lord but also, our Lord Jesus Christ.

5 Now i want all of you to remember, that the Lord once rescued the people from out of the land of egypt, afterward, He destroyed those who did not have faith. 6 And The angels, who did not keep their original state, instead abandoned themselves into the day of the great judgment, eternally chained, to be held captive by the darkness. 7 Just as sodom and gomorrah together with the cities around them, in the same manner these people gave themselves into gross immorality, pursuing each others flesh to be set forth as examples of punishment and the eternal fire. 

8 Nevertheless in the same manner these people also have visions of the flesh, in truth defiling the Lords ways, thus rejecting His sovereignty and blaspheming. 9 Now when michael the archangel was contending with the devil, he disputed concerning the body of moses, not enduring the judgment pronounced against the blasphemer, instead he said, "God rebukes you" 10 Likewise people such as these in truth, are not concerned by speaking evil but, all of who are by nature irrational beasts fully acquainted with the one who destroys. 11* Woe unto them, for they walk in the way of cain and the deceptions of balaam, the wages of commerce poured out against the rebellious, who will be swept away into damnation. 12 These are the murmurers, the fault seekers and those who covet them, going on in their own way, the blemishes in your love feasts, the hidden reefs, feasting extravagantly without fear of Him, shepards without water, continuing east, unfruitful trees in last days of autumn, to die twice, torn out by their roots. 13 Malignant waves, the sea foams out for their own shameful deeds, the wandering stars who are reserved for the gloom of eternal darkness.

14 Enoch, the seventh from adam also prophesied about them saying, "behold the Lord comes with countless sacred angels. 15 To bring about judgment on all and to convict every soul according to each of their works in which they were impious and for all of their cruel teachings which the ungodly have spoken sinfully against Him" 16 These are the grumblers, the fault finders, chasing after their own lusts, indeed their mouths speak arrogantly to flatter people, for the sake of profit. 

17 But you, beloved, remember the words that were spoken by the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ. 18 Since they instruct all of you, that at the end of the ages, there will come deceivers who will live according to their own ungodly desires. 19 These people are the ones who cause the division of the soul, not possessing the Spirit of God. 20 But you, my beloved, continue building yourselves in the sacred faith, offering prayers within the Holy Spirit. 21 Keep yourselves in the love of God and take up the compassion of our Lord Jesus Christ into eternal life. 22* And those who in truth have compassion, will judge justly. 23* Together these things save from death, plucking them away from the fire and display mercy in the midst of reverence while refusing to accompany the people who belong to the defiled garment of the flesh. 

24 And unto those who are able to watch over all of you, without falling, together they will stand in the presence of His glory without blemish in exultation. 25 God alone is our savior through Jesus Christ, unto our Lord be the glory, majesty, power and authority for all time both now and throughout all the ages, amen.