Chapter 1

 1 Paul servant of God and apostle of Jesus Christ according to the faith of God's chosen and acknowledging the truth, all with reverence unto God 2 In hope of life eternal which is promised by one who does not lie, God, before the time of the earth 3 But who revealed at the proper time, His word, with whose message i have been entrusted as commanded by God, our Savior.  

 4 To titus my begotten son, through shared faith, grace and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Savior

 5 For this reason i left you in crete so that you could improve upon the things lacking and ordain the elders as i appointed you 6 If a person is blameless, the husband of one wife, having faithful children that are not accused of debauchery or rebellion 7 For an overseer is to be without offense as unto God, stewards not selfish, nor quick to anger, nor given to drink, not oppressive nor given to greed 8 Instead loving to strangers, lovers of good, prudent, just, righteous, self disciplined 9 One who holds fast according to the teachings of the faithful word, so that they are able to both encourage people through sound doctrine and challenge public morality 

10 For there are many disobedient men, who speak lies and deceive themselves particularly among those who are circumcised 11 Who it is necessary be silenced, who utterly destroy families, teaching what they ought not, for the sake of blood money 12 One among them even claims he himself is a prophet, the cretans lie constantly, evil men, venomous beasts, lazy gluttons. 13 But these acts of testimony are true, by this we have reason to rebuke them severely, in order that they become sound in the faith. 14 Have no regard for judea's fictions instead instruct people to return to the truth 15* In all truth, the religiously pure are those who are also morally pure but those who are religiously defiled, also do not believe and so to the unbelievers nothing is pure rather both their mind and conscience are defiled 16 They profess to know God but their deeds refuse Him, they are the abominations and the disobedient, whose works are evil falsehoods 

Chapter 2

1 But you are to speak consistently through good sound doctrine 2 As mature men, living soberly, as men of honor, prudent, sound minded within the faith, in love and perseverance.

3 As mature women in like manner behave reverently, not gossiping and not too much wine but serving and teaching good 4 In order to teach the young women to love their husbands, to be loving towards their children 5 Wise, free of sin, working from home, compassionate, submitted to their own husbands so that the teachings of God are not spoken against.

6 The young men, in like manner, teach wisely 7 In all things presenting yourselves as role models, bringing forth the good works, through the teachings with an incorruptible character 8 Teach skillfully, without blame so that those among the opposition are turned, having no basis to speak evil against our company.

9 Both men and women are to be subjected to your Master in all things, to be acceptable to Him without controversy 10 Not misappropriating finances, instead, demonstrating everything in good faith so that the teachings of God, our savior are adorned with honor in all respects.

11 Indeed to shine forth the grace of God, the Savior of all mankind 12 Disciplining ourselves in order to deny all ungodliness together with all worldly lusts, within wisdom and justice and living piously at the present time 13 Awaiting the blessed hope and the appearance of the glory of the almighty God and our savior Christ Jesus 14 Who gave Himself for us in order to redeem us from all lawlessness and unto Himself winnow a chosen people, zealous in the good ways.

15 Speak about these things and preach along with demonstrating justice and every commandment and not one of you is to be contemptible.                                          

Chapter 3

 1 Remind them to be subjected to the First Authority in obedience, to be prepared for every good work 2 Slandering no one, be peaceable, be gentle, be just in every respect, be truly genuine to all mankind.

 3 For we were once foolish men, disobedient, deceived slaves in the midst of various desires and pleasures, in malice and envy, carrying hatred for one another 4 Rather, until the goodness and love were revealed by God our savior 5* It is not by our accomplishments that we become righteous rather through His divine guidance, we can be saved through washing ourselves into the rebirth and reform through the Holy Spirit 6 Which He pours out upon us in abundance through Jesus Christ our Savior 7* As a result people become righteous following His favorable estimation, to be reborn as heirs in the confident hope of life eternal 8 These are the faithful teachings and these things i wish for you to affirm always, so that those who believe in God will carefully maintain His good ways, which are good and beneficial unto all mankind.

 9 But foolish debates and reckonings by genealogy, together with quarrels and inconsistencies of the law are to be avoided because they damage and are worthless 10 People who cause division, after warning them once, even twice, reject them 11 Knowing that people such as these are twisted by sin, becoming self condemned.

 12 When i send artemas unto you, or tychicus, make every effort to come visit me in nicopolis, for there i have to determined to winter. 13 I am sending zenas, the lawyer and apollos ahead diligently, so that they are not left destitute. 14 Now let each of our families learn to practice what is good diligently for the necessary tasks, so that we are not unfruitful.

 15 Everyone who is with me salutes you, pay our respects to those whom we love in the faith, grace be with all of you, amen.